Thanksgiving Dinner Preparation Tips

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Preparing a large dinner can be a daunting task.  Just the thought of all the preparation can be overwhelming.  I found the following tips on the Stone Gable blog.  These tips could be used for any large meal – whether it’s Sunday dinner, Christmas dinner, or any other dinner with family and friends.

  1. 3×5 cards with jobs written on them – Guests are often wondering what they can do to help.  It can be hard to delegate responsibilities when you are in the middle of preparing dinner, so it is helpful to think through the jobs ahead of time.  The 3×5 cars help with the delegation and help ease some of the stress.  Examples – fill the water glasses, light candles, mash the potatoes, etc.
  2. Have 1 or 2 people in the kitchen helping to clean – While the dinner is being prepared, it is helpful to have a couple people helping to clean as the dinner is being prepared.  This helps ease some of the burden of the clean-up after the dinner.  The 3×5 card technique also works great for clean-up.  It can help organize people and keep them focused on a specific job.  Examples – clear extra food from table, load diswasher, etc.
  3. Utilize un-used space for clean-up – Setup a cleaning station in the laundry room or garage.  Have a folding table setup with a large container full of hot, sudsy water.  Load scraped off dishes into the container so they can soak and begin cleaning themselves.  This helps keep the kitchen orderly.
  4. Use paper plates for dessert – When it comes time to serve dessert, use paper plates.  Clean-up doesn’t get easier! 
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